Monday, January 22, 2007

Transform Your Marriage Memberships Available

Today is the day we reopen membership into the online workshop! Unfortunately, I woke up with a stomach bug, so I am just taking time to say: Registration opens at 10am, Eastern time! I will be off to bed, but wanted you to get this message.

Go to:
Transform Your Marriage Website Now

Friday, January 19, 2007

Online Marriage Workshop Will Be Back. . . Soon!

We are coming back with the online workshop. . . but with a twist! We won't be "live!" During the original workshop, all seminars and sessions were recorded and saved in mp3 format. All homework and other resources are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

That means we can offer the entire workshop, available to YOU, at any time, and any place. You can join the workshop and take all the teleclasses when that is convenient for you.

We will start taking participants on Monday, January 22, starting at 10am, Eastern time. So, if you are ready to transform your marriage, you can join then and take advantage of this opportunity.

You will find registration information and the workshop description by CLICKING HERE!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Podcast: "Where Do You Start The Story?"

For all of those who have stuck around through all the emails and issues, I have a little podcast as my gift to you.

The podcast focuses on where we start a story when we are looking at an event. In other words, it is about our perceptions and how that affects our marriage. Take a listen. It is about than 5 minutes long! Enjoy!

If you wish to listen on the computer, just click the link below. If you want to download the file to your computer, RIGHT-click the link below, and choose the "save" off the menu.

Click Here For Podcast!

Registration is still open for the Workshop. Go Here For Workshop Info.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Deadline Approaches and Questions Arise

It was a busy day yesterday! The dust has begun to settle, and I got a little rest.

So, first things first. I announced that the "Early Bird Discount" would end at noon, Eastern time, today (Tuesday). Then, I had several people plead their case. Many people have been out of town, away from their computers, and panicked to miss the discount (Columbus Day weekend in the states). So. . . I will extend the discount to 6pm, Eastern (-4GMC), today. But that is it. No further extensions.

Next, there have been quite a questions about the program, and I wanted to clarify.

  • Question: "I don't live near to you. It will be too far to travel from my end of the world, right?"
Answer: There are no issues with distance (or even time zones) because the sessions are held as teleclasses. You can either call in by phone or Skype in (internet VoIP). And, if you can't make it for the sessions, they will be recorded and saved as mp3's for download to an mp3 player, listenedto on your computer, or burned to a CD.

  • Question: "It is not convenient right now, so can I just wait until next time?"
Answer: I am not sure if there will be a next time. We are working through this session, and all my energy is there, but I am leaning toward not doing this again. No absolutes,
but don't wait. This might be it.

  • Question: "Why the space limitation? Why the limit on how many can participate?"
Answer: It is really a function of technology. Telebridges rarely are able to hold more than 150 participants. We have access to one that will hold 250, but I am drawing the line
at 225, so that everyone will have a place and it won't be too loud with background noise.

  • Question: "When will the sessions take place?"
Answer: Starting Tuesday, October 17, the teleclass will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm, Eastern (-4GMT). The last teleclass will be Tuesday, Nov. 14 (we will skip Oct. 31). That amounts to 8 sessions, at least 8 hours of info. On Wednesdays, at the same hour, we will have a Question & Answer Session (questions by email, Instant Messaging, and if time allows, "live" on the call). Homework is daily, Monday through Friday. And there is a Member's Only Forum available at all times. (As I noted in the previous question, timebe comes irrelevant if the scheduling does not work for you.)

  • Question: "My spouse doesn't want to participate. Am I out of luck?"
Answer: Absolutely not. There are already a number of people signed up without a spouse. One of the unannounced bonuses is a bonus teleclass on being a "Lone Ranger" in this process. Clearly, I think things can change in a marriage, even if only one is focused on it, and in that teleclass, we will give you even more tools on how to do that.

  • Question: "Bonuses? Did you say bonuses?"
Answer: Yep. Right now, I have three special teleclasses, the one I mentioned on being a Lone Ranger, one on Surviving Marriage At Mid-Life, and also Thriving Marriage After The
Affair. These hit the big three areas I hear often, so these will be special teleclasses (also recorded for download). There will be other bonuses, but I'm still working on that!

  • Question: "I just can't decide. What now?"
Answer: Indecision is not going to change a marriage. Effort and intention will. "Sitting on the fence is deadly to a relationship in trouble! Dale Carnegie said "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy!" So, I hope you will take action. I posted an entry on my
about this.

I'd love to have you in the workshop! How about going to:
and signing up?

Are You On The Fence?

Registration for the Online Workshop is up! We had a busy day, with only a couple of glitches.

So now I have to ask the question: are you sitting on the fence? Are you still trying to decide whether this program is for you?

Look, I know this is a tough decision, so I do not want to take "fence-sitting" lightly. I know, I have been there many times, frozen in place! Unable to take action. Thatis one tough spot!

Sometimes, I have felt like a decision was just the same as contemplating the jump off the cliff into the water. You want to, but it scares you.

I am here to encourage you to take the leap! Face your fears and concerns, then step boldly ahead for your marriage!

Sometimes, I want so badly for my clients to take action, sometimes any action, just to get moving. And I know that is a decision only you can make.

Dale Carnegie said "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy!"

When I was a child, my father came back with a work trip with a piece of polished granite, a paperweight. Engraved in it were these words "Not To Decide Is To Decide." That quote
has stuck with me. When something is limited by time or number of participants (the workshop is both), this quote is absolutely correct!

Will you be joining us for the workshop?


Registration for the Transform Your Marriage Online Workshop is now open for all! Remember, the early bird discount will only be available until noon, Eastern Tuesday, October 10.

We are experiencing a bit of a trouble with our server, so this is the link:

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Registration Will Open Soon!

Registration opens at 9am Eastern (-4GMT) tomorrow, Monday, October 9. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Details, Details!

Wow! What a response! Over 3500 people registered for the drawing! I will notify the winners tomorrow, then send a notification out once the winners have accepted. Due to the nature of this program, I will only release as much of the name as the winners are comfortable with.

I have heard from many people wanting to know more details about the Online Workshop, so here are the details:


Registration for the Program:

Registration will formally open on Monday, October 9, at 9am Eastern (-4GMT). Registration will continue until Thursday, October 12, 4pm Eastern (-4GMT), or when the Workshop fills, whichever comes first.

Program Times and Options:
As I noted in my earlier post, this workshop can be "time-shifted" (think TiVo), in whatever way you want. In other words, you can take the teleclasses whenever they are convenient for you, and the homework is emailed to you, so you can also complete that whenever you wish (I suggest not getting too far behind, so that it stays a manageable process).

That said, the Teleclasses will be "live" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 8pm Eastern. The dates are October 17, 19, 24, 26, November 2, 7, 9 and 14.

Question and Answer sessions will be held by telebridge on Wednesdays, October 18, 25, November 1 and 8.

Homework will be delivered by email each weekday morning (take the weekends off and play!).

The Online Forum will be active starting at registration.

If you sign up for the Premium Workshop, Relationship Coaching with me will be scheduled directly with those participants.

Content of the Program:
Over the years, I have been developing the "rubrics" of building a successful, thriving marriage. I have created 8 rubrics that start at the very foundations and move you to a fulfilling, loving, respectful relationship.

What I like about these rubrics is that I can start with any relationship, at any stage, and build (or rebuild) from the ground, up. No need to go digging into the past hurts and pains. No need to "spill your guts" or any other archaeology. Just a building process.

Teleclasses will lay out the information for you to use, the homework will reinforce it, and the Q & A sessions will provide clarification.

I have to tell you, I'm very excited about this process! I have been using it with clients over the past while, refining it so that you get the very best. I truly believe that couples participating (and "Lone Rangers" trying to change the relationship alone) will find the material transformational, both for the individual participants and for the relationship!

Limited Registration:

We have room for 225 participants/couples. That breaks down to 200 in the Basic Workshop and 25 in the Premium Workshop. The reason for this is because of the limits of technology. We will be using telebridges for the calls. This allows us to create a "conference call" with all callers scattered around the world.

While I know that some people will be downloading the teleclasses, I have to provide a "seat" for everyone, which creates the limit.

Now, due to the restrictions on the number, we do expect to sell out, so be sure and register early!

Technology Skills You Need:
If you can handle a phone and check your email, you have all the tech skills you need! We will have an option to allow you to Skype into the call. This just means you will be able to use your internet connection and computer to join the teleclass. That makes the call free. (You can read more at Skype)

If you browse the internet, you have more than enough skill to maneuver the Forum, so that is easy.

One last piece is that we plan to provide for a PowerPoint presentation to be available during the teleclass. This only requires internet access and a link I will provide. Then, you can sit back, listen and watch.

As you can see, we are trying to tap into multiple learning methods: visual, auditory, experiential. Study after study shows that the combination is a powerful way to learn.

I've heard from several workshop leaders who are not happy with my pricing! Even one "marriage guru" contacted me, upset with the price he had heard! He charges $500 for one hour of consultation! The workshop leaders are charging anywhere from $800 to $2000 for a weekend event (3 or 4 hours of workshop!). The costs for those workshops did not even include travel expenses, food, lodging, babysitting, and all the other expenses of having to go somewhere for the workshop! No travel costs with my workshop.

The full cost for the Transform Your Marriage Workshop is US$497. But, if you register between 9am, Monday and noon, Tuesday, I will take off $100 for an Early Bird Discount, making your cost only $397 for the teleclasses, Q&A, homework, and access to the Forum (plus a few bonuses I'm still working on).

The Premium Workshop's cost is $697, but is only $597, with the Early Bird Discount. That package includes 2 full hours of one-on-one (or two) Relationship Coaching with me.

Who Should Attend:
If you are ready to transform your relationship, you should attend!

This course is not for everyone. There are some people who should NOT involve themselves in this program. If this is you, please move on to other resources.

First, if you have already decided to divorce, and this is just to make your spouse or yourself feel better, this program is not for you. You will make noprogress, and you will only end up having to live a lie, one of my "no-no's." If you are thinking about divorce, but are undecided, thisprogram IS DEFINITELY for you. If divorce is not an option, but something has to change, this program IS DEFINITELY for you. If you have an OK marriage, but it is not quite what you want it to be, this program IS DEFINITELY for you. If you have a good marriage, but want to make it great, this program IS DEFINITELY for you. If you have a great marriage, but want to keep it up, this program IS DEFINITELY for you.

Second, if you are looking for a "no effort shortcut" to marital bliss, this is not for you. In fact, that doesn't exist. Minimal effort is usually what got people into trouble in the first place. Notice, I did not say "work" but "effort." I hear people saying they need to work on their relationship. Boy, is work a dull proposition. It usually means no imagination and no fun. This process will not be work, but it will take effort. If you are not ready to make an effort, this program is not for you.

In addition to the note above about having already decided to divorce, if you are involved in an affair that you are unwilling to end, this program is NOT for you. You are needing to make a choice and make a change. If, however, you or your spouse has had an affair, and you are wanting to heal and reclaim your marriage, this program IS DEFINITELY for you.

Finally, if you are unwilling to take responsibility for your marriage and its future, this program is not for you. Taking responsibility is different than accepting blame or fault. Blame and fault-finding are about what has happened. Responsibility is about where you are going.

So, this Workshop is for couples and individuals wanting to make a change, and are ready to make an effort. The "stage" of the relationship is irrelevant. Bad, poor, ok, good, even great, will all find their marriages transformed.

I even have some people who are no longer married, but are attending to get ready for the next relationship!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Enter Drawing For Free Registration!!!

Do I have an offer for you! How would you like to attend the Online Marriage Workshop, at no charge? One lucky couple (or Lone Ranger) will be doing just that!

I have decided to hold a drawing for a free registration to the event. The winners will be registered at no charge, and will have the same transformational experience as anyone else attending the event. They (or he/she if attending alone) will have full access to all the teleclasses, the Q & A sessions, the homework assignments, and the Members Only Forum (plus a few bonuses I'm still arranging)!

Now, you will find on registration day that there are two levels of membership. There is a Basic and a Premium level. The difference is that those in the Premium Track will have one-on-one Relationship Coaching with me for 2 full hours during the month of the workshop. Participation in the Premium Track is VERY limited (25 couples/singles).

This drawing will be for entrance in the Basic Track. This is a little less limited (200 participants/couples), and so with the winner of this drawing, there will be 199 slots still open come Monday.

(People have expressed their concern over not being able to get in because of the limited numbers. They wanted to know why we had to set limits. The reason is because of the limits of technology. The phone bridges used in teleclasses usually have a limit of 150 callers. We have a bit larger bridge to use, but to keep the experience at a premium, we are using a limited number that will keep the background noise to an acceptable level.)

Oh, and by the way, the contest registration will end on Thursday at noon, Eastern time!

Reminder: Registration for the Transform Your Marriage Online Workshop will begin on Monday, October 9, and end on Thursday, October 12 (or when the event sells out, whichever comes first).

Registration For Drawing Is Now Closed!
Come Back for Registration of the Workshop!

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